Restoration Projects at Dromoland Castle (Ireland)


The latest restoration project is in full swing at the renowned Dromoland Castle. Adding to restoration work done in 2016, the new projects are slated to be completed in April 2019.Major restoration projects under Phase 2 include all lake-facing, Castle bedrooms and en-suites, the Castle’s dining and lounge areas, and link corridor rooms not included in the earlier restoration. Design schemes for the Castle bedrooms give individuality to the rooms, to ensure they look as if they belong in a private house. Each is stylish, elegant and sumptuous, while blending into the Castle’s ambiance. En-suite bathrooms will be modernized, featuring marble and tile, along with the latest amenities.

Refurbishment of the Terrace room, the Gallery and the Earl of Thomond Restaurant will include new air conditioning and double glazing of windows, along with double glazing of windows for all bedrooms. All of the windows, including 130 historic windows (more than 170 years old) are currently single-glazed and suffer from condensation. Double glazing them will eliminate internal condensation and increase thermal performance.
Additional renovations include upgrades to mechanical and electrical services of the Castle’s ground-floor public areas including the Gallery, Dining Room, Cocktail Bar and Lounge; stone façade repairs to the Tower and lake side of the Castle; replacement of the Castle’s limestone entrance steps; upgrades to kitchen flooring for sound insulation; and construction of an Energy Center, Main Distribution Pipework and associated gas compound.

**Dromoland Castle Remains Open During Restorations:**
Uniquely, Dromoland Castle only closed for the month of January 2017 during its restorations. A limited amount of reconstruction is required to facilitate the redevelopment without compromising the integrity of the historic building, the Castle’s function or the guest experience, as work will be limited to daytime hours. Outside scaffolding will be visible on sections of the Castle through March.
**Restoration and Design Teams:**
Thompson Architects was engaged by Dromoland Castle to redevelop and enhance the existing 15th-century Castle, ensuring that its status as a five-star luxury resort will be preserved for generations to come. The four-year, $20 million restoration project will integrate new features with the original historic structures, and its mix of contemporary and classic designs will meld comfortably with the historic setting.

Carole Roberts and her individual design and decorating business “No. Twelve Queen Street,” along with her experienced staff, are charged with decorating Dromoland Castle in an elegant yet practical style. Their knowledge of period buildings and architectural styles ensure that design schemes are in harmony with the environment. No. Twelve will supply fabrics, wallpapers, carpets, furniture and lighting, and will make up curtains, blinds, pelmets and upholstery.
Ongoing and consistent renovations take place during November through April of each year in order to protect Dromoland Castle and provide future proof services. As a protected structure, the Castle requires regular and corrective repair and maintenance. The current renovation project began in January 2016 and is expected to continue through April 2019, on a four-phase schedule. However, since many of the renovations are done “behind the scenes,” guests can experience the historic and luxurious ambiance of Dromoland Castle as usual.

Maintaining five-star standards in both luxury accommodations and guest experience is of paramount importance to Dromoland Castle.
**About Dromoland Castle:**
Dromoland Castle, located in Newmarket-on-Fergus, County Clare, was built in the 16th century. Majestically set on the shores of Lough Dromoland, it is surrounded by over 450 acres of breathtaking scenery, including a championship parkland golf course. Lavish interiors, fine food and superb wines complement the deluxe accommodations of the Castle’s 98 guest rooms, while Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club, an intimate spa and traditional outdoor recreational opportunities ensure a unique guest experience. Sister property The Inn at Dromoland, located on 21 adjacent acres, features 150 rooms and a banqueting center hosting up to 400 guests.

Dromoland Castle is located at Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co. Clare, Ireland. The hotel can be contacted at +353.61.368144 or 1.800.346.7007; website
Reservations can be made through the hotel ([email protected]); or through Preferred Hotels & Resorts at 1.800.323.7500 or

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