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By John Cockayne: As the regional editor for Destination Golf, it is my happy task to tap away at my keyboard and, after 40 years of living here, try to summarise this region’s attractions, without resorting to the hyperbole that you might find in a travel brochure.

The Magaliesberg mountain range, which form the backdrop from my windows, are in the Northwest Province on the edge of the Cradle of Humankind and are geologically ancient – 100 million years older than the Himalayas in fact!
They have stood as mute witness to many of the trials of man, from his emergence many aeons ago from the Cradle of Humankind, to the seasonal migration of the tribes, on to the excesses of the Anglo Boer War and then to the first tentative steps of a new, free and democratic South Africa.

Rather than making an attempt to summarise Southern Africa from any objective viewpoint, although who really can be objective, or prosaic about a moonrise over the Indian Ocean or a tee shot with Table Mountain in the background?! I shall just state that South Africa is rather like the steps into a large swimming pool.
You can figuratively dip in your toes and enjoy most of the essential sensory experiences of Africa without the culture shock that can come with a visit to many of our neighbours to the north of this region.

This is not intended to dampen an adventurous spirit, but it does reinforce the fact that for those travellers who want to sample Africa, the wildlife, its beaches, the golf courses and its many other attractions and yet still have the trappings of ‘civilisation’ within arms’ reach then Southern Africa and South Africa in particular, offers the ideal entry point through which to initiate yourself into the marvels of this continent.

Our guide takes a look at Western Cape & Garden Route, Eastern Cape, Kwazulu Natal, Gauteng, North West and Mauritius.

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