Dragon Rock announces new Asian Golf Travel & Tourism alliance between Destination Golf global guide and Golfasian.


**Bangkok, Thailand 24 October 2017** – Visions of Far East adventure have stirred the imaginations of western travelers since the days of Marco Polo. And now, shepherded by **Ms. Zenta Thomas** and Dragon Rock, the stars have aligned for intrepid golf travelers in the form of a new East-West powerhouse alliance between Destination Golf Magazine and Golfasian.
“*The alliance between Destination Golf Magazine, recognized as the world’s #1 Golf Travel Magazine and Golfasian, East Asia’s #1 Golf Tour Innovator was a natural fit waiting to be discovered*” says Ms Thomas. “*It is with great satisfaction and excitement I am announcing the ground work is laid to make Golf Travel to Asia more simplified, alluring, and pleasurable than ever before.*”
Destination Golf’s dynamic bi-monthly golf travel magazine will soon be coupled with the new Far East focused, Asian Global Guide which will supply their world-wide subscriber base of over 160,000 readers with stirring new insights and tempting destination specifics.
Every issue of the Destination Golf Global Guide is dedicated to a different country or region and spotlights clubs, resorts, tourism boards, and operators thus providing an opportunity to be recognized and promoted to an entirely new western audience. The Asian Global Guide is slated to launch in the Spring of 2018, in time to coincide with the AGTC Convention being held in Manilla from April 22 to 25.
Destination Golf successes with the Global Guides have been many, with regions covered in previous issues typically seeing exceptional increases in inquiries and traffic. Ms Thomas suggests that, “*exposure in the Global Guide is a good way to leverage the media to maximize business potential in the European and American markets which are currently underrepresented in the mix of incoming Golf Tourists in Asia.*”
Destination Golf, Golfasian along with Asia-based correspondent, **Mr. Sam Sakocius** (President, Qualitas Project Control) are on a mission to increase the volume of golf tourists to SE Asia by illustrating the exotic and unique travel opportunities through captivating articles and enticing photographs which highlight the culture and adventure inherent in Asian Golf holidays as well as the golf itself.
**Mr. Mark Siegel**, the Managing Director of Golfasian, who has been featured in Destination Golf’s bi-monthly issues, is on board as Destination Golf’s advisor-in-chief not only for the Asian Global Guide, but with all things relating to golf tourism in Asia.
*Mark Siegel, Golfasian.*
Founder & CEO of Destination Golf Media (Global) Ltd, **Mr. Dermot Synnott**, commented on the partnership “*at Destination Golf we are focused on are driving top quality content to promote leading golf destinations around the Globe, embracing that perfect blend of print, digital and social media. What makes us unique is our global network of representatives, affiliates, partners and subscribers. South East Asia is rapidly growing in stature, so our partnerships with Mark and Zenta will be instrumental to our success in this exciting market*”.
*Dermot Synnott, Destination Golf Media Ltd.*
Destination Golf is currently planning strategic content for the launch of a new **Asian Global Guide 2018**. For more information as to how to develop a relationship with Destination Golf or to discuss how Destination Golf can enhance your international presence and generate interest in your facility, contact Zenta Thomas at **[email protected]**
Please see http://www.destinationgolf.travel for a look at our destination oriented, fresh approach to international golf travel and to sign up for a free digital subscription.
Strategic Business Development-Cross Cultural Consulting. Dragon Rock is providing Market Entry Advisory Services, Project Identification, Representation and Research for foreign companies looking to enter the market in SE Asia. Dragon Rock President, Zenta Thomas, is Representative for Destination Golf Magazine in SE Asia. Current and past clients include: Kyi Hla Han Golf Design, Six Senses, Destination Golf Magazine, Golf Kitchen, National Golf Foundation, Back Nine Network, Gil Hanse Golf Design, Steven Rockefeller Golf Development and Qualitas Project Control. http://www.dragonrockllc.com
Destination Golf is a leading golf travel publishing company, ranked #1 on the internet by Google. Since its launch in January 2010, Destination Golf Media Ltd has become a trusted voice in the global tourism industry, offering a fresh and dynamic approach to publishing through its digital marketing platforms. Globally recognized and respected, it is backed by a large network of representatives, affiliates, partners and subscribers. The company is an approved member of the Worlds’ largest golf tourism group IAGTO – and all of its Official publications are notably “Approved Publications by IAGTO”. Other strategic partnerships include the World Golf Awards and the World Luxury Hotel Awards. The team at Destination Golf know how to reach golfers with a passion for travel, and are known for our professionalism, originality and high standards of client service. Free subscriptions and more here: http://www.destinationgolf.travel
Established in 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand, Golfasian is the most established dedicated golf tour operator in Asia. Golfasian’s quality of services and expert knowledge has made the company the first choice for golfers and golf tour operators throughout the world.
Golfasian prides itself on their high amount of repeat customers and referrals and maintains a membership base of 171,283 golfers, who seek quality golf experiences in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Laos, and Myanmar. http://www.golfasian.com

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